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10 Week Programme

When our heart and mind go separate ways, emotional and physical tensions are born in our body and we might experience slowing down of the body systems, sluggishness of the vital organs, stiff muscles and joints, laboured breathing, indigestion, IBS, headaches, migraines, insomnia. There could be different responses like anger, confusion, depression rising in your everyday life and even disease, premature ageing and fatal illness. Sometimes we call it burnout. 

Purpose of this course

The purpose of this course is to not only find out what makes us stressed out and exhausted but also how to prevent it from happening, how to recognise our intellectual and behavioural patterns and how to heal and maintain our optimal health by putting certain strategies into practice. 


Most of us have created small rituals, which when integrated regularly, give us a sense of happiness, tranquillity and nourishment. They have a positive impact on the nervous system and reduce symptoms of disease and speed healing.

And once we together establish even richer, a stress-proof repertoire of skilful methods you can be building up resilience faster and it will be more effective.

How will it be structured

There will be three parts to each session.

In the first part of the session, Aleksandra will reveal a specific set of physical exercises and breathing methods to start with, introducing safe techniques for maintaining mobility and flexibility of our body and our spine, while improving balance and abdominal strength.


The next part focuses on deep relaxation specifically focusing in this bespoke course on of the ritual bathing and its benefits, 
reducing the tension in the body and mind.


The last part will give participants time to indulge in an ancient technique of Yoga Nidra, guided by Leigh in order to prepare you for nourishing restful sleep.



90 min sessions,  twice per week. 


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